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to implement it'll emergency lockdown procedure. they're serving for 16-year-old jon scott an albany high student. his father reported him missing at 1:15 this morning along with the gun and ammunition. the district received an unsubstantiated report that the boy was spotted in the city this morning. paula thompson rushed to the school after receiving a text from her daughter. >> my school is on lockdown and so the high school. >> reporter: thompson expected to see streets blocked off and police cars and she never got an automated message from the school. >> they tell when my child misses school. why can't they call me when there's a emergency. >> reporter: albany police say they hope jon scott may have called one of his friends or reached out through e-mail or essential network so officers can track him down. >> it was scary. >> reporter: so this is jon scott. he's 16 years old, 5'5" and 130 pounds. albany police say they don't really know for sure if scott is in possession of that gun and that ammunition, and they don't even know if he really posed a threat to anyone. they say they just
report coming up just minutes from now. >>> a good wednesday morning to you, i'm jon scott. jenna: hi everybody, i'm jenna lee, we're live in the fox news room, "happening now", in the air and sea, warships patrolling off libya's coast, this as the u.s. gets ready to hand over control of the no fly zone to the alliance. whatever that alliance is. we don't know at this time. in the meantime pro car davi forces ratchet up attacks in an eastern city of that country, stopping rebel groups there, but the international air strikes continue and now we have reports that those attacks forced pro qaddafi forces to withdraw tanks from another rebel-held city in the west. a whole lot goes on there today, jon. jon: the libyan leader remains as defiant as ever, appearing from his compound in tripoli and vowing to win the historic battle. now there's word, though, that mommar qaddafi may be planning his exit strategy. secretary of state hillary clinton, weighing in on that on abc's "world news with diane sawyer". >> this is what we hear from so many sources, diane, it is a constanto. >> today? >> to
now". jon: good morning to you! i'm jon scott. jenna: hi everybody, i'm jenna lee. nice to have you back, jon. >>> "happening now", major setbacks in the rebels in libya, proqaddafi forces forcing them to retreat from a key oil town. it's a big story, jon. jon: it's a rapid reversal coming days after the opposition made gains west and trying to take over qaddafi's home town. nato war planes flying over the zones with the heaviest fighting, witnesses reporting hearing explosions indicating a new round of air strikes. jenna: all the chaos is affecting the oil industry. that is the industry in libya. we have word today that only one refinery is still functioning. there are now fears of a fuel shortage in libya. how that fight affect the fight. and also what that means for the rest of the world so dependent on oil now. rick leventhal is traveling to benghazi now, he's going to call us in a little bit. he's on his way. as you can imagine communication is rough right now with so many different parts to this story. rick leventhal coming up with the latest out of libya. jon: to another cris
. and jim pinkerton new american foundation and new york post columnist kirsten powers. i'm he jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. over time, as codes of law sought to control violence within groups, so did philosophers and clerics and statesmen seek to regulate the destructive power of war. the concept of a just war emerged. suggesting that war is justified only when certain conditions were met. if it is waged as a last resort or in self-defense, if the force used as proportional and if whenever possible civilians are spared from violence. >> jon: that's a small portion of president obama's acceptance speech after the won the nobel peace prize in oslo in 2009. now, we pulled that clip for a couple of reasons. one is simply to ask if what he said in that speech is a justification for what we're now doing in libya, jim? >> well, it depends who you ask. i mean, you know, this is such a great illustration of the partisanship on the media, on the whole democrats are for this war and republicans are skeptical. i go back to, you know, kosovo when the democrats are for it and go to iraq
miller, columnist andrea tanteros, and, fox news radio host, alan holmes, i'm jon scott, "fox news watch" is on, right now. >> a lot of controversy in the country right now. about public sector unions and collective bargaining. all of us are watching the craziness that is going on out in wisconsin. let's remember something. as much as the democratic party and the liberals in the media are going to want to try to make you think that new jersey and wisconsin are the same, thinking people know that they are not. i haven't suggested once, nor will i, we should take away collective bargaining rights for people. >> that is a man becoming a familiar face in the media, chris christie pointing out how he believes the mainstream media is confusing the coverage of two states. wisconsin, where governor scott walker is trying to balance the budget, by taking away some collective bargaining rights, from public unions. also, the situation in new jersey, does he have a point, alan. >> i think there is confusion but it's not new jersey, it is indiana and ohio. certainly ohio they are looking to take away
're with us, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. we are here in the fox news room and "happening now", testing for the white house race water necessary 2011 and for the first time in this presidential cycle, five gop contenders appeared at an event together in iowa, the state that holds the first caucus in the entire nation. jenna: you see them on the screen, you have tim palenty, rick santorum, former house speaker newt gingrich and her man cane, also louisiana governor buddy romer trying to stand out from the crowd and drumming up support from the state's social conservatives steve brown is live from demoines, what does the iowa state and freedom coalition -- why is this important? >> it's a group worth watching, especially if you're talking about the iowa caucuses, it's probably the oldest social conservative group with religious roots and it's fire say that most of the group if not almost all members of this group with evangelical christians, a huge powerhouse in the republican party, so if you're going to be communicating to this group in an eheld held one of the growest fasting evangelic
to date on the breaking news, we're so glad you're with us, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. lots to get to today. "happening now", fallout after wisconsin's governor unveiled his full plan for closing the state's more than $3.5 billion budget gap, the spending plan includes huge cuts to public schools, this as he still faces a major pushback over his proposal to strip state workers of collective bargaining rights, that issue sparking big labor rallies that continue in the state. jenna: the governor's plan is in limbo right now ever since senate democrats high tailed it out of the state to block a vote and it looks like they have no intention of coming back any time soon. how are the voters in wisconsin reacting to the budget standoff? steve brown is live with that story. steve, what are people saying? >> reporter: well, we went to the town of nubl -- nuglares, 45 miles southwest of madison, a pretty evenly divided county, and we did find some interesting opinions, basically along those lines, split. we went to a place called the swiss lanes, a bowling alley, also has a rest
." greg: a lot of news to get to on this tuesday. good morning to you i'm jon scott. jenna: good morning, i'm jenna lee. we are here in the fox newsroom. happening right now a new aftershock rocking gentleman man as the nation koeps with a nuclear disaster in the making after a third exemploys at one of your plants causing radiation to league out at dangerous levels. the water meant to cool off the fuel rods now reportedly boiling, a very tphopl must sign, jon, some way. greg: that's right. at least two dozen people nearby getting the contamination treatment while another 140,000 people in the danger season have been ordered to seal themselves indoors. jenna: just imagine what that would be like, an international scale of nuclear disasters ranking the crisis in japan a six on a seven point danger sale. for some perspective on this scale, 3-mile island came in as a 5. chechernobyl a 7. greg: after shocks still hitting the country. a tremor felt in tokyo, magnitude around 6. a miraculous rescue to report as crews pulled a man out of the rubble found alive after five days. david piper screa
of 13 million people in a. [no audio] >> jon: i'm jon scott in new york. we have temporarily lost our connection with shepard smith. shepard? >> shepard: infrastructure largely intact. and back here in tokyo, a city of 13 million people now dealing with the possibility of nuclear cataclysm. right now warnings of rolling blackouts that officials at tokyo electric power company or at the tepko warned they might have to lose to conservative energy. in the hardest hit areas north this was the scene when the tsunami crashed through last week, carrying everything in its path away. in some places the landscape has swept clean of life, entire communities are gone. and parents are telling children stories of children ripped from their arms. a japanese news agency reports 2,000 people have washed ashore in one province alone. it's impossible to know how many others were simply carried out to sea. one woman walked through a devastated town unable to find her own family home. her elderly mother disappeared in the flood and still missing. right now people like her can't get a break from the hearta
. >> roger roll "discovery." >> jon: i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. first from fox tonight as washington and other world powers debate whether to take action in libya, the battles are raging. the libyan people are dying and muammar qaddafi is apparently trying some new tactics. today libyan state tv announced the government will pay $400,000 to anybody who captures the leader of the rebel fighters in eastern libya. so far, no word of any takers. and we are seeing incredible images from the battlefield that show the rebels are still keeping up a fierce fight. this is the scene in the eastern city of bin gentleman wad. rebel forces have been firing rokdz at qaddafi's forces weapon of choice is the antiaircraft gun. war planes have been hitting sites all around the town and doctors say at least four people have died in the latest fighting there. somebody also apparently blew up a nearby oil storage facility. the rebels and the government are blaming each other for the strike. and it's not clear who is actually responsible. qaddafi supporters are also claiming to now control the town of zawi
right about that. jenna: it still is, i hope so. jon: that is good news. i'm jon scott. jenna: we're so glad you are with us. i'm jenna lee. pressure mounting on wisconsin's runaway democrats to return to the state and vote on the collective bargaining. jon: scott walker has threatened to send 1500 pink slips to workers if democrats don't end the epl pass. they are threatening to find them in contempt of the senate and arrested. jenna: a judge ruled that demonstrators could no longer spend the night there. no more sleep overs, any more than two weeks of round-the-clock protests inside. jon: doug mcelway has the latest live from washington. what are the options the governor has to get the democratic lawmakers back into their home state? >> reporter: well those layoffs are probably the clearest and most profound option that he has right now. legally there are really no easy answers. we can take a look at the constitution much wisconsin and here is what it says. each house may compel the attendance of absent members in such manner and under such penalties as each house may provide. but it'
of radiation traces surface on food and in the water. i'm jon scott. now, back to "justice" with judge jeanine. >> judge jeanine: this is a fox news alert. britain now joining the attacks against libya. a uk official announcing tonight that three british tornado jets have begun air strikes. libyan tv also reporting that armed forces command is saying as of now 48 are dead and 15 injured. steve harrigan is leave in tripoli with the latest. >> at least three loud air strikes of incoming fire here in the capital of tripoli. we can't be certain whether they are from the british war planes or perhaps they were cruz missiles coming from u.s. warships or sub marines in the mediterranean. the response here on the ground in tripoli was immediate antiaircraft fire going up from several different batteries. as far as the regime here goes, colonel qadaffi maintaining his defiance but this time over the telephone instead of in front of live television cameras telling the attackers zionist and crusaders and warns any targets military or civilian across the epitire mediterranean area would be open season for
's for sure. hello, i'll jon scott. jenna: so glad you're with us today, i'm jenna lee, we're here in the fox news room and "happening now", we mentioned that volatile weather coast to coast but how about this storm brewing in wisconsin, where we're seeing brand new labor protestes, just hours before the governor unveils his spending plan to close more than $3.5 billion budget gap one part of that plan, the proposal to end collective bargaining rights for state workers, some of those collective bargaining rights, not all of them. this is what sparked of course all of these rallies, jon. jon: but governor walker is undaunted, he's set to reveal even more controversial cuts, including slashing the budget for schools across that state. mike tobin is live in madison, wisconsin. i guess this is d day, huh mike? >> reporter: it is. expect a lot more gasoline to be thrown on the fire out here as governor walker addresses the budget and a $3.6 billion projected shortfall over the next couple of years, anticipate he will talk about additional cuts for local governments and schools to the tune of $900
is off to a great start, markets aside. i'm jon scott. martha: i'm jenna lee. we are here in the fox newsroom. "happening now" high drama in the wisconsin budget battle over union rights as senate republicans outmaneuver democrats at least for now who who high tailed it out of the state to block a controversial vote. jon: the senate needs a quorum of 20 to take up any measure that spends money, so a special committee of lawmakers from the senate and the assembly voted to take out all of the spending measures in that bill a move that clearly did not go over well with democrats. take a look. >> no, no, no. >> if there is any doubt as to whether good cause exists the governmental body should provide 24 hours notice. this is clearly a violation. it is improve for you to move forward while this is a violation of the clause. you're not allowing an amendment and that is wrong. mr. chairman this is a violation of law, this is not just a rule, it's a law. >> we are adjourned. >> no mr. chairman this is a violation of the open meetings law. it requires -- martha: well, it wasn't without contro
all on "happening now." a good wednesday to you. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. we are here in the fox newsroom and happening right now as jon just mentioned brand-new developments in the nuclear crisis that is gripping japan and company company taourg all of our attention. emergency workers who have have now dubbed the fukushima 50 risking their lives to prevent further disaster. this after another fir fire has broken out at the nuke plant. radiation is 300 times normal. jon: the numbers today are staggering, millions across japan struggling with very little food and water. nearly half a million people there are homeless now, and some 3700 listed as dead, but that number sure will he will rise with ten thousand people still missing in one northeastern city alone. martha: david krisanti is live. what is happening at the power plant right now. >> reporter: reactors one, through, three and four are causing extreme problems for authorities. there were plans to put water on reactor number 3 which was overheading, that was abandoned because of radiation concerns. japan's nuclear
lee. gregg: i'm grey jarrett in for jon scott, glad you're with us. right now the showdown sparking fears of a government shutdown. at issue, the proposed spending cuts to trimle ballooning federal decifit. the gop says it's a necessary evil but the democrats, they're saying these cuts go way too far. >> if you believe that you're going to balance the budget by cutting just 12 percent of the budget town to balance, it is literally, figuratively impossible. jenna: the gop making it clear the u.s. cannot keep wracking up debt and some saying something, if anything, needs to be stkpwhraoupb unfortunately we know republicans control one of one levers of law making, the democrats have the senate, the democrats have the white house, nobody wants to shut down the government, but one thing is nonnegotiable, as our speaker said, we will not that -- will not pass bills that to not create savings for the american people. skpwr*epb jen carl kan iron is live on this story. it seems this different on time it's different. do lawmakers sound more skeptical than before the last time of this tempora
. i'm jenna lee. jon: we do indeed. i'm jon scott. "happening now", nato takes charge of air operations in libya as the fighting intensifies in one strategic oil town. those are antiqaddafi rebels, giving it all they've got, trying to retake control of brega as they come under rocket fire from pro qaddafi forces, the opposition getting hit hard in other parts of the cup as well. jenna: the u.s. considering a plan to arm the rebels, even though nato's chief is opposed to the idea. right now the cia has operatives on the ground in libya. jon: meantime a sign that qaddafi's regime may be cracking at the highest levels, with news the foreign minister defected, moussa koussa, arriving in the u.k. after resigning his post. jenna: that was definitely big news, a big ally of cadaf e. -- qaddafi. qaddafi and his son vowing to stay tough saying, quote, this is our country and we are strong on every front. jon: rick leventhal streaming live from tobruk, what's the latest on the fighting there? >> reporter: jon and jenna, it's still a major battle in the oil town of brega, also, apparent
out of gitmo. all new, all live "happening now." and good morning to you i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. we're so glad you are with us. we are here in the fox newsroom. happening right now we have a fox news alert out of libya. the u.s. navy releasing grand new video of the punishing nighttime assaults on qaddafi forces. they are using b.-2 stealth bombers, jet fighters and tom hawk missiles. jon: qaddhafi's forces come under fire across the count three. the security council set to hold a closed-door meeting on the situation in libya a few hours from now. jenna: in the rebel capitol of benghazi qaddafi tanks were blasted. the libyan leader is not about to give up and vowing a long war ahead. rick leventhal is live from benghazi. is there still fighting there. >> reporter: not here. as far as we can tell the front line has moved to the south again, to the town of average a. they were sending their own team to search for qaddhafi troops. there is a presence of the qaddhafi military surrounding the town, not sure if there is fighting within the city limits. the rebels are clear
're glad our with us on such a big day. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. the president meeting with hillary clinton. topping the a skwrepbd today the escalating violence in libya and what we should do about it. oil and gas prices are skyrocketing. now the administration is considering tapping your strategic oil reserves to deal with the spike. jenna: the average price for regular gas $3.52. it depends where you live. it's a jump of nearly 80-cents from a year ago on average. mike emanuel is live at the white house on these big stories. we mentioned that strategic reserve. is that a serious consideration to tap into that? >> reporter: general a it's on the table but it doesn't sound like a serious consideration at this point. they are concerned here about the impact on the u.s. economic recovery. they are concerned on the impact on many american families, many of whom have had a difficult couple of years. as for tapping the spr as they call it here, here is spokesman jay carney. >> it's an option on the table. remember all the options that we consider and the global system consi
in for jon scott. the rebels making huge gains closing in on qaddhafi's ohm town. this as international air strikes are flying for the first time. jenna: qaddhafi forces pulling back by getting bombarded by coalition air strikes. so many information coming out of that part of the world. gregg: the opposition recovering all of the ground they initially lost including control of key oil refineries. jenna: very important to watch. why the libyan leader hasn't made any appearance today, libyan television has pictures that it claims shows qaddhafi riding in a car surrounded by supporters. gregg: rick lea leventhal is ins lanuf live. how quick leer the rebels moving in the east. >> reporter: dramatic progress these fighters have made. 48 hours ago they were in ajdabiya struggling to take that town. they have pushed west in rapid fashion taking brega, going to ras lanuf which is a massive mining town and knocking on the doorstep of surt. we are told there are qaddhafi military and tanks firing on rebels as they try to advance to surt. they have made a remarkable run across the country in the past
'm greg jarrett in for jon scott. there are brand-new developments to tell you about in libya where a battle for qaddhafi's hometown is raging. just some of the gunfire there, rebel forces armed with machine guns working very hard to make headway after a set back in sirte. progovernment forces beating them back using tanks, heavy mortar and rockets, but the outgunned rebel fighters not about to give up, not by a long shot, and they have their work cut out for them in misrata as well where pro-qaddhafi forces just launched a brand-new round of attacks. the word is the opposition is holding them back. jenna: all this as top diplomats around the world including hillary clinton meet in london to talk about an end game they say for qaddhafi's regime. the arab league hoping to ratchet up pressure on the libyan strong man to quit. for more perspective on this we are in a place called mizdah. tell us what is happening right now on the ground right now. >> reporter: right now we are being shown by the government places where there have been alleged collateral damage caused by coalition air s
in warfare 149 years obligor today. that's "the fox report" for wednesday march 9th, 20011. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. thanks for having us in your home. shep is back tomorrow and the factor is up next. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> it's up to him to show that he is the mccarthy of the 21st century or he is not. >> bill: hearings are set to begin tomorrow. left is furious. also some muslims are very angry. we will talk it over with dick morris. >> the arab league said they would not object to a no-fly zone. >> you would support it. >> we want to see the international community support it. >> bill: why is secretary of state clinton and president obama waiting so long to support the rebels in libya? it looks like qaddafi may now be winning. colonel ralph peters will analyze. >> i'm not trying to be mean. >> bill: dennis miller will take a crack at the muslims hearings. he also has some new thoughts on the charlie sheen ordeal. >> duh. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. factor begins right now. bill bill hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for w
scott -- jon scott. as nation comes to grip with friday's deadly earthquake and the tsunami. we're seeing overwhelming destruction in japan. entire towns wipedded out by the tsunami. crews digging out overwhelmed by the sheer number of bodies. death toll is estimated above 10,000. japan's economy, wide swaths of it are shut down. jenna: an important economy for all of us around the world. rescuers are still unable to reach hardest hit areas as strong aftershocks continue, hundreds after the initial earthquakes. survivors phase freezing temperatures with little food or water. as world community races to help. travelers stuck in japan during the quake are scrambling blipg to get home. governments including ours are advising against nonessential travel to japan. greg palkot is on japan's northeast coast. greg? >> reporter: jenna, jon, a little communications problems much our own by nothing like folks here. all around me ships are tossed around like toys by the tsunami last friday still sitting on their sides. that, the quake and now this nuclear drama causing huge concerns for the
ahead. i'm jon scott. jenna: we are so glad you are with us. i'm jenna lee. we are going to take you out to wisconsin where both sides are digging in for the long hall in a bitter budget battle. easy enough for me to say. a bitter budget battle. republicans in the senate are slapping one hundred dollar daily fines against the 14 democratic senators who went awol. there are no signs that the democratic senators will return to wisconsin despite obviously massive protests at the state capitol. jon: any minute now we are waiting for a judge to rule on whether to restrict access to the state capitol building there. in ohio, the state senate passes a sweeping bill that restreubts the rights of publirestrictsthe, that fight is headed for the house. eric shawn is live in our newsroom. the ohio bill, is that much different from wisconsin's bill. >> reporter: it's a tougher bill than the bill that is in wisconsin and it could be the law in rao*euz by next week. last night the ohio senate by one vote passed a republican-sponsored bill that does away with many of the time-honored union benefits ther
i'm jon scott. jenna: we are so glad you are with us, everybody i'm jenna lee. fox news alert out on a libya. hours after a u.n. vote paves the way for international military action there, moammar gadhafi regime declares a ceasefire with the rebels. jon: they are ready to enforce a knee fly zone over libya. word of the vote sparked celebration in the streets of benghazi. there are plenty of questions about what happens now to the rebels and the last remaining stronghold city. that is where rick leventhal is streaming live for us. rick. >> reporter: benghazi remarkably quiet this afternoon, quiet in the sense there are no new air strikes here to report. no major celebrations in the street. of course there were last night, not just here but in many towns and cities across libya. where we were near the egypt border overnight they were firing weapons in air and celebration. a lot of jubilation over the no-fly zone being established in the hopes that perhaps the t t e has turned for this country. there is worry about moammar gadhafi sticking to his wordment thinks troops opened fire on
everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. we are here in the newsroom, "happening now", a u.s. fighter jet crashes, amazingly the two crew members are safe, they suffered only minor injuries, our military saying the pair ejected from the f15e strike eagle just outside of the rebel stronghold in benghazi, both crew members now said to be in american hands, the u.s. military stresses the plane was not shot down. investigators are now looking at a mechanical failure as the likely cause of that crash. jenna: you were at video that we he we think is of that crash, this as pro qaddafi forces step up rebel attack necessary that area. we have explosion necessary an eastern city forcing rebel fighters to scatter and regroup, but a very different story in the libyan capitol of tripoli. take a look: >> jon: colation forces, handing momentum back to the rebels, but the rebels run into trouble in the west, this out of misurata. >> jenna: as the fighting heats up there, dozens dead, reports of children among those killed, and there are now reports that qaddafi's tanks and snipers are patrolling the
made it to friday. hello to you i'm jon scott. jenna: so far so good. hello i'm jenna lee. happening right now japan's prime minister describing the execution at the damaged fukushima as grave and serious after word of a possible breach from one of the reactors. jon: technicians detected the problem after two workers stepped in water that had ten thousand times normal radiation levels. they suffered burns, they are now being treated at a special facility outside tokyo. jenna: in sendai marines work to clear cars and other debris from the airport. the city hardest hit by the quake rocked today by a 6.6 aftershock. that is enough to make you go running for a doorway for sure. there is a lot going on there. we have a global news reporter david on the phone, david. >> reporter: in tokyo there are shortages of food and drinking water. sraouper markets remain half empty and shelves look pretty bare throughout tokyo. the supermarkets and shops i went into today are completely empty of drinking water. that is because of the government's warning that radiation was in the water at a level harm
will leave that to jon scott. thanks for joining us, everybody. jon: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert. the pentagon announcing that forces loyal to moammar qaddafi are mounting new attacks on libyan rebels, despite the military threat from the united states and its allies. welcome to "america live." i'm megyn kelly. getting new details now about how pro-qaddafi groups are fighting. u.s. military officials and the u.n. encouraging an extension of the no-fly zone until qaddafi stops defying a u.n. resolution to end all action against his own people. meantime, we're getting brand-new images from the crash of a u.s. fighter jet this morning. the plane went down with mechanical problems. both members of the crew are safe. they had safely ejected prior to impact. rick leventhal joins us on the phone, as he heads away from the fighting in benghazi. what is the latest there? >> reporter: pretty quiet in benghazi. here here during evening prayers. more traffic now. it appears that some of the people that fled the violence over the weekend are trickling back in. we were south of
in for jon scott, mainly breaking news in libya, western airstrikes continue to pound qaddafi targets as rebels advance on several fronts tonight, the president taking to the airwaves, to explain our mission. and big developments out of syria and yemen, we'll investigate from japan, a partial melt down at one reactor, the news keeps getting worse, radiation detected in the u.s., we'll go in-depth, lots to cover today, see you in a few minutes. martha: all right, our thanks to gregg, see him coming up at the top of the hour, in the meantime former arkansas governor mike huckabee is at the center of the 2012 buzz this morning according to the latest "gallup poll," he is topping the republican nomination ticket. look at these numbers from gallup, mike has a show on this network as you well know. 19% for him, mitt romney 15%, sarah palin third at 12% and newt gingrich has 10% and we should point out as i said he's the host of "huckabee" here at fox and stephen hayes joins us, a senior writer with the weekly standard. good to see you. welcome. >> hey, martha. martha: does that surprise you
and what they could do. see you in a few minute that top of the hour with jon scott. heather: one of the big issues we're hearing so many folks talk about now is this: lawmakers both sides of the aisle, now taking aim at president obama's plan in libya. house speaker john boehner says he is worried because the u.s. mission is not clear and writes this: i and many other members of the house of representatives are troubled that the u.s. military resources were committed to war without clearly defining for the american people the congress and our troops what the mission in libya is. even some democrats disagree with the plan. house minority leader nancy pelosi is standing say him saying the u.s. partial is strengthened by the president's continued consultation with congress. how is it affecting the president's relationship with congress? let's talk to these gentlemen about that. brad blakeman a former deputy assistant to president george w. bush and joe trippi, a fox news contributor. let me ask you, the president won the support of the arab league and the united nations and didn't w
tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? >> i'm jon scott, jenna and i see you in 15 minutes, fast moving developments in libya, the fighting is getting worse. protests, come to the heart of tripoli as a nations is torn apart. also, today, pink slips go out in wisconsin as both sides dig in, the governor wants 14 awol democrats to be dragged back to the capitol and lawmakers in another state want to make patting down air travellers a felony. plus, the white house reacts to those brand-new jobs numbers, ahead, happening now. bill: jon, see you at the top of the hour, they are crying over spilled milk literally in coolidge, arizona. just outside of phoenix, where a milk truck apparently collided with a car and on the desert floor you have all of that vitamin d. we do not know about the condition of the driver, and it is a serious accident there, with police on scene, and, the semi now, overturned and all of that milk soaking into the desert. ksaz, a live picture out of arizona and we'll tell you how the driver is doing, not just in the truck but also in the the car. >> we just, pleas
[ male announcer ] see more now -- at >> i'm jon scott, in a few minutes, the senate expected to pass a temporary budget extension, to keep the government running for two weeks. what happens next? and chaos spreading in lybia, pro-government troops going after rebel strongholds, as a truck explodes in tip ripoli, w is this u.s. doing to try and get rid of muammar qaddafi. you know gas prices are way up over the lybian instability. should the u.s. tap into the strategic oil reserves and, new rankings, the most and least taxed states. did yours make the cut? ahead, happening now. bill: john, thank you, want to soar through what we know, trying to figure out in frankfurt, germany. so we are getting reports by way of "the associated press," as you, by way of newscorp, one of our news outlets here in the news corp. family, two people, including a u.s. soldier were shot and killed on board a bus in frankfurt, germany and the u.s. soldier said to be kid and two others injured. and a 21-year-old man out of kosovo said to be arrested as a result of that. many of these stories,
of the spacecraft is unveiled. see you at the top of the hour with jon scott. martha: thank you very much, jenna. >>> we have brand new sound coming in from the attorney general eric holder. he was asked about the mission and the reason for what's going on in libya. and here's what he had to say. take a look: >> is there any credible threats against any of the coalition countries? >> any neither against -- >> the coalition countries. >> well, i think that qaddafi's presence, continued presence, in libya, is something that has got to end, given the fact that he's lost all legitimacy with his people. and the fact that he is there in an unstable way n. an unstable part of the world i think has a negative impact on his neighbors and given that region of the world, has a negative impact on the countries outside the region. >> [inaudible] >> -- against any of the countries? >> i can't share intelligence that i might possess. >> thank you all. thank you. martha: well, that's a little bit different than the message that we got from military leadership on what the mission is in all of this. so let's brin
the decision to own a jaguar just arational as it is emotional. >> good morning, i'm jon scott, crisis continues in japan. heroic efforts underway at the fukushima nuclear power plant, four of six reactors leaking radiation as workers risk their lives to try to prevent a full meltdown and fears over radiation spreading even to the u.s. and, a run on iodine pills here, but, the only thing to fear here, might be fear itself. also, we'll talk with a seismologist about the evolving views on earthquakes after recent disasters in japan and new zealand. could we learn how to predict this devastating force of nature? ahead, happening now. alisyn: are conflicting messages coming out of the obama administration? when it comes to the radiation threat here at home? fear is causing many folks to stock up on potassium iodide pis and local o -- pills and, the s general dr. regina benjamin had this to say, it is a precaution, i'm not stock -- you mean stocking up here? i haven't heard that but it is a precaution, yes, the obama administration responded with the following statement: when the surgeon ge
: we have at least four viewers! martha: exactly! jon: i'm jon scott, we are bursting at the seems with news, air strikes on libya as the u.s. gets involved in another theater of war. also praising -- tracing developments in syria, bahrain and israel, that part of the world in the midst of an intensive upheelafter. in japan, emergency workers have had to stop work as smoke pours from the new reactors, and word that it's spreading in the water and food supplies. at home, raiseing food and fuel prices. we'll have it all. bill: see you in 16 minutes. we're getting word that minnesota's republican governor tim palenty will announce today, fox news confirming he'll form a presidential exploratory committee. you know what that means. martha: gets money, right? bill: that will clear the way for planning to raise money and hiring campaign stuff. he served as governor for two terms, he's been traveling in ohio and new hampshire, obviously for good reason. it's coming up at 3:00. martha: getting the ball rolling. we'll see what happens. in the meantime, going back to japan, and this huge sto
warnings that could have prevented the crisis? what we now know, next. jon good morning i'm jon scott. nato warships now patrolling off the libyan coast as u.s. air strikes target qaddafi force necessary misurata, reports that snipers loyal to qaddafi are killing from roop tops from that town. former joint chiefs of staff richard myers is our guest. >>> we'll look at the crackdown underway in syria and iran's growing role in the region. what america is doing to try to counter ahmadinejad. >>> in japan, black smoke now pouring from reactor number three as radiation spreads in tokeo. >>> plus in the hot seat today, bethany frankel. we'll see you in a few minutes, "happening now". bill: jon, thank you. >>> we've been telling you about this explosion in jerusalem. our reporter reena ninan, about a block away from that scene, she is on screen now. there's a delay in the signal, but this is new videotape in "america's newsroom" and clearly a scene of fright in central jerusalem this morning. re. na, what do you see there? >> reporter: bill, we're live on the scene now, just where this explosion t
a few moments away from "happening now", want to check in with jon scott and see what's coming up. good morning. jon: good morning to you. another busy news day, as you know. we'll talk with karl rove about new polling suggesting a steep drop in popularity for the president. we'll also talk with senator lamar alexander about the safety of u.s. nuclear plants and word of resumed negotiations on that u.s. budget stalemate, with a deadline for government shutdown getting here fast, the former head of the cia's bin laden unit answers just who might be part of those rebels we're helping in libya. >>> plus the deter dwraiting situation in -- deteriorating situation in japan. "happening now". bill: see you top of the hour, "happening now". >>> in a moment here, the story shocked the country, a killer whale, drowning a sea world trainer in front of horrified visitors, so why is that whale going back in the same tank today? >> okay. and do you know if -- you say you don't know if the person was injured or has a medical problem? >> no idea. i don't think they're even out of the water yet. they're
to you, i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee, and we're now learning french jets shot down a libyan war plane violating the no-fly zone over the embattled city of miss prada. we're getting word libyan tanks started to pull back following another newt of mis-- night of missile and air strikes. we're going to talk to a reporter on the ground there about what exactly is happening in the capital of tripoli. jon: nearly a week into the campaign to stop ghadafi's forces from attacking civilians, our nato allies are beginning to shoulder a bigger share of the air assault on libya. defense secretary robert gates saying president obama made it clear the u.s. would only run the operation for a short time. meanwhile, we expect an update from the defense department a little bit later this afternoon. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon for us now. the french military shot down this libyan plane, jennifer? what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: we have new details about that. it was a french fighter jet that did destroy a libyan plane. the libyan plane, however, is a military training plane,
a game, actually. jon meacham, if you could ask governor scott walker any question, what would it be? >> what percentage of your budget do you believe you are going to recover now that you have passed this bill? >> that's a snarky question. you're not going to get to ask him a question. john heilemann, what question -- >> how is that snarky? >> no, that's a good question. >> governor, now that your approval ratings are -- >> just stop it! >> -- what are you going to do to reclaim the popularity and trust of the wisconsin voter. >> seriously, does anyone around this table think governor walker will be re-elected or voted out of office in 2014, based on what's happened now? anybody believe that? >> yeah. because the unions are such a well-organized interest, i would argue that, perhaps, that "new york times" story, finding a silver lining, as ever, yesterday. >> "the new york times" worked hard to find a silver lining. >> it was a classic of the genera. >> joining us now, republican scott walker, republican governor from wisconsin. very good to see you and and have youon the show. >> g
. that's extreme. cutting boarder security when there's a clamor to stop illegal immigration. and jon kyl has said that's a bad idea. and these riders, de-funding planned parenthood are extreme, and republicans like susan collins and scott brown said those are wrong to be in the bill. so yes, hr 1, the bill that the tea party sticks with and that they are not budging from is extreme. i said it before, i said it on that call, i'll say it again, that's not news and i have no problem that reporters heard that, heard me say that. >> senator, before you go, i just want to get one question about the situation in libya, your reaction to the president's speech. have you been surprised by the amount of criticism the president has received in washington given that on march 1st, you introduced a resin the senate which passed unanimously, unanimously condemning gadhafi's abuse of human rights inibya and calling for a un enforced no-fly zone. that was voted for unanimously by the senate. >> i think the president has done two things i think are well received by the american people. first, the mission i
in forbes that talks about how scott walker has lost the war on collective bargaining and the republican party for the nation. i think a few people are taking a step back. >> jon erpenbach, thank you for your time. >> thanks, lawrence. appreciate it. >>> coming up, the real rahm emanuel that won the chicago's race and a fake rahm emanuel that was lighting up twitter with profanity laced tweets. the fake rahm explains why he did it, and what it was like being confronted by the real rahm. >>> and who is the real mike huckabee. his week started with a lie about the president growing up in kenya, and ends with a controversy about the oscar's natalie portman and single mothers. ♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. >>> mike huckabee is about to set a record. well, he's already set a record. he's been in the "rewrite" four nights in a row. tonight, he will make television hi
what went on there last night. wisconsin democratic state senator jon erpenbach and the chairman of the wisconsin democratic party mike tate, thank you both very much for your time tonight. >> thanks, lawrence. >> thank you. >>> coming up, the impact of governor scott walker's so-called budget repair bill. wisconsin high school science teacher nathan o'shaugnessy joins us. >>> and one congressman breaks down as another continues to insist that the house needed to hold a hearing today on the radicalization of american muslims. eans and kills germs that cause odors to your dentures. new fixodent cleanser plus scope ingredients. he needs some gellin'. yeahhhhhhh. gellin' is like having a teeny tiny foot masseuse in your shoe. you like ? nice ! dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. outrageous comfort, all-day long. can a trading site help make you a sharper trader? mine can. td ameritrade can. they've got trading specialists i can call for help. and paper trading. free practice trading that helps me hone my technique. complex options. and free tutorials. online or in person. can a trad
hitting the coast of alaska. no damage reported in the state of alaska. jon: dan springer in our seattle bureau. thank you. jenna: we want to keep this story on your radar as well. wisconsin governor scott walker has signed the controversial bill that will strip nearly all collective bargaining rights from the states public workers. that also includes recinding some layoff notices. we'll keep you up to date. continuing coverage on the deadly earthquake and tsunami that sit japan. the rip link affect that is hitting our scores, and the first account of the quake just ahead. jenna: fox news alert cameras in japan capturing the chaos at the exact moment when the chaos hit there. take a look at the incredible images. people screaming, running for safety. chunks of cement and debris range down on them. it looks like a movie, but it's real life. members of a high school baseball team caught off guard as most everybody was. it was the middle of the afternoon, probably during practice. the quake took everybody by surprised, including some of the americans that are over in japan. joining us on th
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